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We have everything you need to get onewheeling


We  love onewheeling and we’d love for you to experience the thrill of  riding one too. Whether you are using your Onewheel to commute, or carving around your own neighbourhood, taking it camping, or having some fun with friends, onewheeling is an absolute blast. It is also a fantanstic leg and core body workout! During your first few rides not only  will you feel the thrill, but you will feel your muscles burning also, as they will be firing to keep you stable. Who  knew getting a workout could be so fun!  Now don't be intimidated. We know the idea of riding a skateboard with only one wheel sounds insane, but it is actually easier than most people think. It won't cost you any money to come in and check it out.

Onewheeling is a great activity for birthday parties, bachelor parties,  group activities or just by yourself. If you are a snowboarder, skateboarder and a wake boarder, you might actually find that Onewheeling is very similar. When we bought our first Onewheel we had no experience if you just happen to be a fun  loving, breathing individual. 

We  offer a free 5 minute lesson/demo in our padded room. We have safety equipment here (helmets knee pads & wrist guards) and of course , we have the amazing onewheel.

You can ride it in the grass

Feel the difference as you take your onewheel across different terrain.

rental details


You can rent a Onewheel from us for an hour, half day, full day or even a weekend.

Hourly rate / $30

Half Day rate (4 hours) / $50

Full Day rate (24hrs) / $100

Weekend rate (72hrs) / $250

Full Week (7 Days) / $500

Party Rate (Rent four Onewheels get one more at no extra cost) 

Please call to book any rentals longer than 1 day.

Additional Equipment

We highly recommend wearing safety equipment because as much fun as Onewheeling is, it can also be dangerous.

Included with your Onewheel rental, we will also supply you with the following equipment:

- Helmet

- Wrist Guards

- Elbow Pads

- Knee Pads

Need Shoes?

 If you want, we will rent you a pair of flat soled boarding shoes for $10 for the duration of your Onewheel rental.

Special Events?  Birthday, Bachelor Party or Any Occasion

Of Course we sell Gift Cards !  Just ask us in the Store.

Ask us for Party Rates. If you rent more Onewheels, we will discount our rate.

Frequent Renter?  Ask about our Loyalty Cards. 


Yes  many golf courses already allow Onewheels on their courses because they  use a big smooth tire, much like that of a golf cart tire. Ask your  golf course beforehand. They may ask you to stay on the cart path until  they start seeing Onewheels on golf courses on television.


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Better yet, see us in person!

Please come visit our Onewheel shop in Kingston Where you can buy or rent a onewheel and onewheel accesories. The most exciting Skateboard in Kingston

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